Self-awareness is a deep rooted process. It is a route for individuals to evaluate their abilities and characteristics, consider their points throughout everyday life and set objectives so as to figure it out. Self-awareness covers exercises that improve mindfulness and character, create abilities and potential, form human capital and encourage employ-ability, upgrade the personal satisfaction and add to the acknowledgment of dreams and desires.

The Making Sales Factory

This Program guarantees results from get go! As you will see, the proof really is in the pudding. This 3 day program is for Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs and business people. Making sales is essentially making the business.

The Public Speaking Factory

Grasp the fundamental of being an effective public speaker: Core message, Persuasive communication, treatment of questions and comments, Preparation, Presence, What is Public speaking, How to influence and more.

Financially Fit You

An individual that has had enough of the living from hand to mouth life style/ has debt they are struggling to manage or is ready to become Financially Fit and Savvy. A Team Leader who is wondering why the team members struggle to deliver.

Cracking Customer Care

To propel and engage the student to locate their own inspiration and giving model client care from a real yet very much organized perspective and particularly from a position of individual responsibility.


Public Administration | Office Operation | Leadership | Events | Customer Care | Sales

Train the trainer-right click africa
Train the Trainer

A finished course that shows appoints how to go down information to grown-ups in the best way. Agents will ace the aptitudes and tried techniques for figuring out how to be instructed how to apply these to their instructional courses. Our train the mentor course (Train the Trainer Course South Africa) expects to show a gathering of coaches the essential aptitudes to bestow hierarchical instructing in a powerful and sound way with the goal that authoritative targets are accomplished.

All through a Train the Trainer course, interior teachers are instructed approaches to give courses and workshops. Among the most regular decisions, by the by, is giving inner or outer preparing. Some business have in reality even settled interior preparing programs that are educated by their own staff. At the end of the training, learners are awarded with certification of completion.

Result Based Business Coaching

3-24 week Real-life-intervention. This is a Hands-on coaching method, at the end of which you pin point developments your business has undergone. You get the opportunity to apply and live your business through the bio-weekly lessons that get measured periodically.

Our coaches are effective not only because of their strong communication skills, coaching experience and broad knowledge base. To a high degree they make a difference because they are experienced leaders in their own right, recognized and respected within their field. After a specified period of learning you are offered a certificate of completion.

Result Based Coaching-right click africa